Academic study of Depression/Anxiety

Imagine, if you can, feeling yourself descend into madness. You love (ok, maybe not love right this minute, I am in grad school) your job. You are passionate about your field of study. You wanted this.  You want this. And every damn morning you have to convince yourself to get out of bed. You have […]

Book Series Suggestion

The Chicagoland Vampier series is amazing. Grad student unwillingly turned into a vampire and forced to quit grad school. (are there any vamps around, because I would go willingly right now!)   It was like being dumped all over again, but this time by something I never imagined would hurt me.  I looked up at […]

Obligatory first post

So. Welcome to my world. I was reading another blog which pointed out that most scientists were horrible at writing.  I know my English teachers would agree that I am no exception.  Although my GRE scores might say I’m better than most.  However, in an attempt to become a successful PhD student I need to […]