Research Snubbed, A story about the bitches and hoes of science

Most people like to assume that scientists take ethics very seriously. That, while human, we are above reproach when it comes to citing sources, respecting the integrity of our peers, and not stealing ideas or work from our fellows. Really it is occasionally just like high school. Some people do the least they need to […]

When mice just are not enough

If you ever get time, or want to waste time in an “educational” manner, wander around the Cracked website.  Amazing, trivial pursuit, comedic stories about celebrities all the way to science. With that I give you the article “6 Most Badass Self-Inflicted Medical Experiments” While people toil away in labs, scribbling furiously in lab notebooks, […]

Crone, Mother, and Virgin- Apparently there are only three women in science

Stereotypes are bad.  This is what we have been taught since grade school. However, stereotypes are also accurate, hence why they have stuck around for so long. In sticking with the rules of three in graduate studies: 3 people on your committee, 3 replications, 3 data points for a line, 3 decades of poverty, 3 […]

Do feed the graduate students

Some people may not know, or may not fully realize, that graduate students are all very emotionally and psychologically fragile.  So, a few tips to keep your graduate student on the correct side of the sanity line:   1) For the love of GOD stop playing that elevator music.  I get that you like that […]

Why is everything a euphamism for sex?

“What was the secret that the serpent told Eve? That she could eat a certain fruit? Pah. That was a euphemism. The fruit was carnal knowledge, and everybody from Thomas Aquinas to Milton knew it. How did they know it? Nowhere in Genesis is there even the merest hint of the equation: Forbidden fruit equals […]

Nature- We are all the same, so just express yourself!

“We have 99% the same DNA as monkeys!” Regardless of you opinion of evolution, whenever anyone attempts to shock by announcing how much DNA sequence I have in common with other animals, especially mammals, I have one response: Duh? (and actually it is only the highest with the great Apes, it gets less as you […]

People ain’t got no raisins

Have you ever noticed that manners, even common decency, seems to have left the building? Now, granted, those of the nerdy type are not known world wide for their people skills.  Asocial, quiet, studious, and “who? that person that sits up front and never talks?” are all sentiments associated with those of the scientific or […]