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Obligatory first post

So. Welcome to my world.

I was reading another blog which pointed out that most scientists were horrible at writing.  I know my English teachers would agree that I am no exception.  Although my GRE scores might say I’m better than most.  However, in an attempt to become a successful PhD student I need to write, and write, and write.
So I will write. And you can read, or not. This will not be all science talk. But it will all be from my perspective, a scientists perspective.
Now don’t be too scared. I like art and music. I am very conservative for most science peoples. I love guns and hunting. You will get some awesome book recommendations from me. If you like Scifi, we are going to be good friends.
You will also likely hear about people you don’t know, people you wish you knew, and people you are glad you don’t. I will try not to rant about the high school “he said, she said” drama, but rather about the actual human element. Cause, lets face it, after years of study I still don’t really understand the average person.
Luckily this thing has spell check, so you should be safe from my hooked on phonics education. And I will try to blog daily, even if it is short.
So, get out of my way! I am a scientist!


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